Prevention Rather Than Cure

Mpathy is a unified solution for business leaders to proactively manage mental health at all levels in their workplace providing awareness, strategy, compliance, training and support.


Why Choose Mpathy?


Risk Assessment

Assessment of the risks associated with psychological hazards in your workplace

Technology Driven

Online & mobile first, accessible anywhere and built for anonymity and privacy


Training for business leaders and managers to support them with their legal obligations under the WHS Act

Risk Assessment

Assessment of the risks associated with psychological hazards in your workplace

Undertaken by psychologists and WHS specialists

Discovery session & hazard identification

Identification and assessment of the risks

Risk controls, monitoring and measurements to mitigate the risks

Risk assessment documentation to support corporate risk registers

Mpathy Platform

Online & mobile first, accessible anywhere

Anonymous built for privacy, protection and security

Actionable feedback from employees & managers through questionnaires & pulse checks

Empirical data, data visualisation and reporting to assess the state of mental health in your workplace and act on it

Curated content developed by experts in the field (psychologists, lawyers, WHS etc.) updated on an ongoing basis

Support & information for employees, managers, leaders to prevent mental health issues, deal with them proactively and remain compliant under the law

Skills development & Training for managers and C Suite


Training for business leaders on their duties and obligations under the WHS Act

Training for managers on proactively managing mental health in the workplace

Training covers WHS, psychological tools, practical application of health and wellness tools

Half day or 2-hour training sessions

Costs, Risks and Benefits

The cost of mental health to your business if you do nothing

  • $480 million - The total amount of workers’ compensation paid each year in Australia for work-related mental disorders.

  • $61.8 billion  - The cost of work-related injury and disease to the Australian economy.

  • The combined annual costs to organisations from presenteeism and absenteeism attributable to low Psychosocial Safety Climate, depression, psychological distress, and low engagement in Australian workplaces is estimated to be $6 billion, $6.3 billion, $1 billion, and $5.4 billion respectively. (Safework Australia)

The personal risks for you as a leader

  • The WHS Act 2011 states that it is your personal responsibility as a leader and an officer under the law to protect your employees.

  • If you don't exercise your duty of care, which includes your staff’s psychological safety, you are breaking the law.

  • The law tells you what you need to do, and if you don't do it, you risk being personally prosecuted for any breach.

  • The Act is risk based, this means there doesn’t need to be an incident in your workplace for you to be in breach.

The financial benefits of investing in mental health

  • Australian businesses will receive an average return of $2.30 for every $1 they invest in effective workplace mental health strategies (PwC report 2014)

  • Workplace mental health interventions to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing will save $4.5 billion per year (KPMG 2018)

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Mpathy was the most interesting and engaging exhibitor out of the 6 present and received the highest level of feedback and interest from the 150 attendees.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is mental health really a business priority in Australia?

Mental health is the third biggest health related problem in Australia after heart disease and cancer

45% of Australians aged 16–85 will experience a mental illness in their life

In 2018, the federal budget made mental health Australia’s top priority

How does Mpathy deal with privacy, anonymity & data Protection?

Employee data is anonymous. This is at the core of the way Mpathy has been built to ensure employees’s protection and respect of privacy.

Validity & Efficacy of Mpathy

All information, questionnaires and training are comprehensively reviewed by organisational and clinical psychologists, WHS and legal experts.

How updated and current is the information?

Mpathy reviews and updates its content on an ongoing basis to ensure relevance and accuracy in accordance to best practice and legislation.