We are dedicated to improving our clients’ mental health provision, safety and culture.

Our team includes dedicated coaches, consultants and safety professionals who are dedicated to improve our clients’ mental health provision, safety and culture.


Together we have produced a set of resources providing essential information sand resources for your workplace. These practical and comprehensive resources provide clear pathways and peace of mind for employees and employers.


Who needs the Kits?


Executives and Leaders

Have a legal and moral obligation to support a workplace culture that is conducive with a positive approach to mental health.

HR Professionals

Responsible for the attraction and retention of staff and who have oversight of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Managers who are responsible for the ‘engagement’, wellbeing and retention of staff within their work teams.


...Who are responsible for the ‘engagement’, wellbeing and retention of staff within their work teams.


…Who want and need to understand how to sustain their own mental health and what to do if they need help.


How will the Kits Help?


What’s in the Kits?

Leader Toolkit

The Leader’s / officers toolkit who have legal obligations under in supporting their staff to manage support mental health issues and build a mentally healthy workplace. 

  • Legal Obligation and how to fulfil them

  • The importance of the workspace in supporting mental health

  • How to create effective workspace strategies

  • Communicating about Mental Health Issues

  • Team Planning Process

Manager Toolkit

The Manager toolkit highlights the benefits of flexible working and outlines the decision-making process to be used when reviewing a request for flexible working.

  • A clear outline of employer roles and responsibilities with regard to employee mental health issues

  • Support and advice on how to maintain a safe and mentally healthy workplace

  • Discussion guides to be used when talking with employees about mental health

  • Information on how to build more mentally healthy worksplaces

  • Information and recommendations for ‘risk management’ challenges

Employee Toolkit

The Employee toolkit assists the Employee to gain an understanding of and seek support for mental health issues that may impact their work, their work/life balance and their contribution to the team. 

  • A step-by-step guide to assessing their personal need for support

  • A set of materials outlining the rights and responsibilities of employees with mental illness

  • Options to consider if things become too complex for them to manage

  • Where to go for help


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